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What should I feed my cat?

Canned food is essential for cats.  As an animal that evolved in the desert where water is scarce, a cat’s system naturally concentrates their urine, and is designed to obtain moisture mainly from food (a mouse is about 75% fluids). Dry food must absorb moisture in order to be digested, which dehydrates the system and leads to even further concentration of the urine, promoting feline lower urinary tract diseas

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How to Welcome a New Kitty

Congratulations on your new family member!  Your new addition may require patience and some extra help adjusting to their new environment, and being aware of the needs of your cat is important during the acclimation period.  The following are some tips to help your new kitty feel welcome in your home. Confine your feline to ONE room. This means finding a small room in your house that you use for quiet activ

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